FEMA Regulations

1. Acquisition & Transfer Of Immovable Property Outside Inida

2. Acquisition & Transfer Of Immovable Property In India

3. Deposit Regulations

4. Establishment In India Of Branch Or Office Or Other Place Of Business In India

5. Export And Import Of Currency

6. Export Of Goods And Services

7. Foreign Currency Account By A Person Resident In India

8. Guarantee Regulations

9. Investment In Firm Or Proprietary Concern In India

10. Manner Of Receipts And Payments Regulations

11. Realisation Repatriation And Surrender Of FE Regulations

12. Remittance Of Assets Regulations

13. Transfer Or Issue Of Security By A Person Resident Outside India

14. Transfer Or Issue Of Any Foreign Security

15. Insurance Regulations

16. Possession And Retention Of Foreigncurrency Regulations

17. Capital Account Transactions

18. Borrowing And Lending In Rupees

19. Borrowing or Lending in Foreign Exchange

20. Issue of Security In India By A Branch, Office or Agency of A Person Resident Outside India.