Legal Representations

☘     Before the Investigating authorities under FEMA/PMLA
☘     Before Adjudicating authorities replying to Show cause notices and Personal Hearings under FEMA
☘     Before Adjudicating Authority under PMLA in the matter of Attachment of Property
☘     Before Appellate Tribunals for Foreign Exchange/PMLA
☘     Before Hon’ble Special courts for PMLA in the matters of arrest/bail/prosecution
☘     Before Hon’ble High courts/Supreme court in the matters of Appeal
☘     Before Central Advisory Board under COFEPOSA in the matter of preventive detention
☘     Before the Compounding Authorities under FEMA (RBI/ Directorate of Enforcement)
☘     Before the Competent Authority, Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators Forfeiture of property